Famous Last Words

The Return of the Artichoke (This Time for Africa)

For those of you who do not already know, I have accepted a position with the Peace Corps in Cameroon where I will be working on a Maternal and Child Health Project.

In honor of this news, I have decided to resurrect my blog. Once dedicated solely to my tales in Tajikistan (see all prior posts), the next two years will feature my adventures in Cameroon.


When are you going?

I head to staging on September 7th and will leave the country on the 9th.

How long will you be gone?

27 months.

What’s a Cameroon?

A prawn.

That’s in Africa, right?

Correct! And just to jog your memory, here is a map:


And another map!


Also here is a brief overview of the country.

What will you speak there?

English, French. Possibly Fulfulde and/or Cameroonian Pigdin English (Kamtok).  Or one of the other 239 languages spoken in Cameroon.

Can I write you?

YES! Please write me. All pigeons, owls, snails, etc. can be directed to:

Jessica Rempe

Peace Corps – Corps de la Paix

B.P. 215 Yaoundé, Cameroon

Other forms of communications include: e-mail, Facebook, WhatsApp, and message-in-a-bottle (although no promises on a response to the latter)

Can I visit?

If you find yourself in Cameroon anytime in the next couple years, please let me know–I’d welcome the company!

Where in Cameroon will you be posted? 

No clue. Stay tuned…


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