Story Problems

Story Problems: Mengong Edition

Time for a little quiz.

Part I: Things Go Bump in the Night

  1. At 2 AM you are awoken by a strange noise that is definitely coming from your room. After confirming it is definitely not a person, you realize it must be one of the following options:

A) Rat

B) Mouse-like creature

C) Cockroaches

D) Something else?

More importantly, what do you do?

  1. At what hour does the rooster crow?

A) Before sunrise

B) Sunrise

C) After sunrise

D) Midday

E) Evening

F) Night

D) Midnight

Part II: On the Road


  1. On a journey to Ebolowa, the regional capital (aka land of cheese and all the food), you discover a man with what appears to be a soft serve ice cream machine. Excited about the idea of stuffing your face with ice cream after almost two weeks without, you eagerly buy some. The man hands you a cup of pink ice cream and you take a bite. What flavor is this pink ice cream?

A) Bubblegum

B) Strawberry

C) Pepto Bismol

D) Prune

  1. Monday morning while on your 6 AM jog you notice a crowd of people on the usually deserted road. Coming closer you realize a giant truck had crashed and was lying on its side. Curious you run even closer, what are the people doing?

A) Helping the driver

B) Rubber-necking

C) Drinking

D) Celebrating

Part III: Miscellaneous

  1. Last Thursday when I placed the Sorting Hat upon my head, to what region did it send me?

A) Adamawa

B) The East

C) The Northwest

D) The Center

6. Translate the following to English:
A) “Small small catch monkey”

B) “Ma belly don flop”

C) “Jam na”

D) “Pookaradgle”


  1. If A), you are now the proud new owner of giant rat. Recommendations: Kill with poison or a machete. Bonus: You can eat the meat. (Congrats!)

If B), you possibly have a mouse or something like that. Can be identified by its small droppings either mouse-like or spaghetti-like. Recommendations: Kill with poison. (Hopefully host mother does not step on it.) Bonus: At least it is not a rat? (Although you can’t eat it, bummer.)

If C), you are now the host of a species that can survive an atomic bomb. Recommendations: Kill with insecticide or wait until it dies on its own and then sweep away. Bonus: You can also eat them!

If D), good luck champ.

  1. Trick question. Roosters crow at all hours of the day. All those children’s books about life on the farm are lies. Good luck trying to sleep!
  1. C) Pepto Bismol. Mmm yummy. Definitely would not buy again. Bonus: Maybe it will calm an upset stomach?
  1. C & D. Why? It was a beer truck! Ergo, everyone was drinking and collecting all the free beer with their hands, baskets and wheelbarrows. According to a friend, his family had woken up at 4 AM to start drinking and collecting (we believe the accident occurred sometime around 3ish). The kind people offered me a beer, but I explained that it was difficult to drink and run at the same time. (Also 6 AM still seemed a bit too early for a beer, its better to wait until at least 8 AM.) Overall, it was a day of frivolity and festivity. In the words of some of the villagers, “God has blessed the village!”
  1. Adamawa! I will be in the northern part of the country in a small village of about 1,200 that is half Christian and half Muslim. Karen, the PCV who I am replacing, was only there for about a year so it will be as though I am quasi-opening a site, which gives me a lot of flexibility in projects as the village can benefit from all aspects of the PC health goals. She has only positive things to say about the village and is also possibly the kindest human on the planet. She told me the other day she was going to stock up on toilet paper, water and food for me so I will not have to worry about those things when I first move in. Also I get to adopt her cat, Metis. My days as a cat lady will begin very soon. Being in this region also means I have to learn a new language: Fulfuldé! I’ve only had one class so far, but hopefully foreign languages are easier to learn third time around. We also have to keep up our French, thus French is the language of instruction.
  1. A) “Small, small, catch monkey” – Little by little you will succeed. (Pidgin English)

B) “Ma belly don flop” – I’m full (hence the belly not flopping around. Pidgin is logical in the least intuitive way and is also possibly the most amusing language to hear.)

C) Jam na – Hello/Good day (Fulfuldé)

D) Pookaradgle – Student/Trainee (Fulfuldé)

Other notes:

-People can use Facetime to call me and as long as they are using Wi-Fi it is free for both of us. (Message for more details, like my digits.)

-We have site visits next week, which means we get to visit and stay with current PCVs and see what life is like at post.

-Next week will also commence the month without Wi-Fi, as we won’t be heading to Ebolowa for several weeks. Please excuse the brief hiatus from the blog and assume that I am alive and eating beniets.


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