Field Notes

Cameroonian Top 10

With everyone raving about Adele’s new album (on both sides of the Atlantic) it only seemed fair to introduce a few of my favorite tunes that I’ve discovered here in Cameroon.

  1. Collabo” – PSquare. I definitely heard this at least thrice every evening at Louis’ bar in Mengong.maxresdefault
  2. Coller La Petite” – Franko. The one song I hear everywhere, everyday. Super rape-y (if you take the time to translate the lyrics), but catchy. In that sense, it is sort of like Thicke’s blurred lines.Β maxresdefault1
  3. Kissing” (French Remix) – Yemi Alade. A fun twist on the childhood rhyme of “so and so sitting under a tree, K -I-S-S-I-N-G.”Β fevatv-yemialade-kissingfrench-e1430338545850

Although there are several more songs, which I cannot seem to find, and my friend’s host brother, Chris Wadel (who is not yet internet famous, assia), these three are a few of my favs.

Heading to post tonight (or more accurately to Ngaoundal tonight and then post tomorrow) so expect another blogging hiatus for a month or so. Excited to finally move in, see my village and meet the cat, Metis, that I’m adopting!


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