Site Visits: Health Center in Meidougou, Adamawa

Super belated, but I took a few photos of the Health Center we visited in Meidougou during site visits in early October.


Fridge for vaccinations; however, there usually is not electricity so those grey boxes are used to keep vaccines cold while they are distributed throughout the day. Most campaigns last three days at most, due to how long medicine can last without refrigerators and the limited amount of the vaccination distributed by MINSANTE.


Empty vaccine bottles.



Healthy growth is essential, especially in the first five years of life. These blue charts are distributed to newborns and growth is tracked during each visit. If the child fails to grow, there is a risk of malnutrition. If the child falls below the bottom line, there is a  serious risk of malnutrition. If the child is above the top line there is a risk for diabetes. Although most food here lacks sugar, drinks are a completely different story.




Animation on Malaria during Pregnancy before Pre-Natal Consultations. During pregnancy, all malaria should be treated a serious malaria because typical symptoms are suppressed meaning that the woman may not realize it until is too late and could lose the fetus.




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