Soy Bouille Making with the Squad

Soy beans are a good source of protein. They also are easy to turn into tofu, soymilk and soy bouille. Bouille is a common drink here and is best described as flour-thickened sugar water with rice. The recipe can easily be modified, which is good for volunteers trying to introduce more nutrients into a local diet.

Last week, I made soy bouilleΒ with the women’s gic in my village (a gic is a small, usually financially-based group).


The Primary School in my village where we meet.

REMPE 007.jpg

Freshly ground, soaked soybeans.

REMPE 010.jpg

Madame President squeezing the soymilk out of the beans. (This milk would need to be boiled and sugar or some sort of flavoring should be added before drinking.)


After a presentation, we try to add a bit of health education. I speak in French and she translates into Gbaya.


Attempts at a group photo.


Foosball anyone? (NOTE: The ingenuity of the petits here never ceases to impress me.)


BONUS: Did you really even come to Africa without a picture of you and a smiling child? (Small children still fear me and whiteness.)




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