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Weekly Update: Ngatt Edition

In honor of my hospital receiving a megaphone for its vaccination campaigns (and our town mobilizer getting carried away with it–announcing everything from “The Chef has now arrived.” to “Whose shoes are these?), it only seemed fitting that a few more announcements that should be made.


The presentation of the megaphone. (Also my counterpart, Moussa, has his cast off!)

<< >>

Sanu! Jabbama! Greetings ladies and gentlemen of Ngatt!

Today we would like to start off with an announcement from the village chief. By decree of His Majesty, there is a new leash law–Please have all goats leashed and tied down during planting season in order to avoid them eating our gardens.


Goats goats goats.

Next, there has been a small outbreak of whooping cough in village. This IS in fact related to the group of anti-vaxers in Gaboudji.

On a completely related note, there is to be a vaccination campaign this weekend. Please vaccinate your children as we previously discussed in the town meeting earlier this week. Don’t disappoint Chief Amadou.


Vaccination Team 2


Bonus: Petits Picture!

And now…a quick word from our sponsors…

Looking to buy a tortoise shell? Chez Mamadou is having a special: 3 shells for 2,000 CFA!


Of course what you do with them still eludes me. (They also still smell like turtle meat, hence the washing and drying rack.)

…and we’re back!

Today’s weather is expected to be sunny with a chance of mangoes–do take care when walking under trees!


My walk home from work. Luckily, I still have yet to be knocked out by a falling mango.

Inclement weather warning: A deluge with strong winds is expected this afternoon. Please be sure to stay out of all mud brick buildings older than three years as they could topple during these strong storm surges.


To put it elegantly: All three little pigs would have been screwed.

And we’d like to end the report with a birth announcement: At several ounces and some length of centimeters, Jess Rempe was born earlier this morning chez Isaih! She and the mother are both healthy.


Jess Rempe I and Jess Rempe II and mother.

Toh. Sey Yeeso!




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