Field Notes, Photoggling

Bamenda, Round II: Nutrition Training

This past week, my counterpart, Agathe, and I headed to Bamenda for a training on nutrition, more specifically on the “First 1000 Days” program or what should be given to a baby or a child during the first couple years of life.  Although learning about exclusive breastfeeding and complementary foods is not exactly new at this point, it is always good to review. More importantly, my counterpart was able to meet other PCVs and their counterparts, especially important since Ngatt is still new to Peace Corps, and exchange ideas.

On the third day, we met in small groups in order to discuss how we could improve nutrition in our village, when met back up, Agathe turns to me and ask “On fait comment?” (How can we do this? Or literally, What does one do?”). Yowah. Motivated with a better understanding of Peace Corps’ mission all in the matter of three days. I told her we could implement similar projects in Ngatt. Reassured, she turned back to the presenter, taking careful notes.


View from the hotel. Peace Corps seems to only stay in one hotel in Bamenda. 



Redesigning fatherhood with some group work. Prompt: “Show how a father can help when his child is sick.” 



I thought we had agreed that we were both going to imitate the archer in this photo. 



My counterpart Agathe. 



Nous sommes ensemble. 


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