Le marché de bœuf

A few weeks ago, my landlord, Oumarou, took me to see the cattle market that happens every Thursdays. Since he and the previous volunteer had gone on a similar outing (where she took pictures and then put them online where anyone who googles “Ngatt” could find them–he’s still very excited about this fact), he told me to bring my camera. So while he showed me around, I took the pictures, in order to continue the tradition.


Oumarou is on the right


Me and a new friend. (NOTE: Still have yet to figure out how to explain good vs. bad lighting in photos to Cameroonians)


Touching a cow


Heading off towards the area where the sold cows are kept


Explaining the inner-workings of the cow trade


Encouraging (through slapping) a cow into the “sales” enclosure


This one cow did not want to leave his family


The enclosure where all the sold cows are kept


Receipt books where every cow exchange is recorded 


Refreshments for the long day. (The men usually spend all day at the market and in addition to trade, it provides them with a weekly social gathering where news and jokes are exchanged.)


The veterinarian’s stand


The veterinarian with Oumarou’s brother, Ismail. Ismail is currently working on a vaccine campaign for all the cows in our area and goes out en brousse most days in order to reach all the cows. 


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