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The Great Goat Victory

Ever since August, the goats and I have been on bad terms. They like to enter my concession, sleep on my porch and poop everywhere. After complaining about it to my landlord, he repaired the fence again and added a door. It was a blissful few months. But, alas, the problem with straw fences is that they do not last long and it is easy for goats to wiggle their way through.

So we reached a mutual understanding. They run away whenever they see me and if they do not sleep on my porch I will not throw water at them.

But then, last week, everything changed.

I was walking home from work and my landlord’s brother and owner of the goats, Ismail, saw me. We exchanged the normal greetings, but he seemed to be struggling with telling me something.

“A goat gave birth today,” he finally said.

“Oh..congratulations?” (I do not know what the etiquette here is for goat births.)

I continued walking towards my house.

“She’s over here,” he said.

“Ah,” I replied, “…wait, where??”

“In your garden.”

And that was that. The goats have won. There was was no way I was going to chase a mother goat with newborns out of my concession, but I did take a picture.


Fortunately it is dry season and so I have not planted anything recently.

P.S. Still unsure what it is about my garden that screams “dispose of all waste that comes out of yourΒ body here,” but in the words of a friend: “Your garden is probably the nastiest and most fertile place in the whole gaht village.”


One thought on “The Great Goat Victory

  1. Hi there Jessica! What a great post – goats can really be rascals! Just wanted to make sure you had heard about’s New Years Blog Challenge. It’s a great Third Goal activity, plus extra motivation to start the year strong on your blog. I’d love to see you join in this year! Just sign up by January 1: All the best to you in 2017!
    -Michelle C., RPCV and former PC “Blog It Home” winner

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