Best of 2016: Most Useful

Now that the year is coming to a close, I would like to give a shoutout to one of the most useful things I have done (for myself) in village: Solving the problem of soggy toilet paper in the latrine.

As many volunteer’s do, I used to leave mine, on top of its wrapper on the floor, but then, every time I showered, it would end up wet. (And inevitably I would need to use the bathroom before it dried-having to wipe with moist paper, which really dampens your mood, along with your arse.) But last spring, I was at a friend’s and saw she had put her paper on a string, which held it up out of falling, sudsy, shower-water’s way. I was intrigued. It was a solution to my problem. Almost. Unfortunately the string prevented the roll from turning, making quickly accessible paper impossible. It needed something more…something to roll on…and then, a few days later, I had it: a crumpled up toilet paper roll!


Look ma and pa! Looks like those engineering genes wore off on me after all!

Living the high rolling life has been nice and dry ever since.


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