All Aboard: A Guide to Seating on Camrail

In honor of yesterday’s/today’s long voyage…

I drew this a few weeks ago, but then we learned that there was no more wagon-lit, in addition to the lack of first-class, which means no more reservations. How had this come to pass? As it turns out the newer train cars (that were a gift from the Chinese) do not fit the tracks well (trains are built for different rail sizes all over the world-Europe is an excellent example of what a clusterfuck this can be) and this is what led to the derailment this past fall. Camrail’s solution? Stop using all the new train cars and revert back to the older French cars, which fit the tracks (as they should since France helped get its former colony’s train system running), and ask France for new cars.

Moral of the story: Do not accept gifts from the Chinese if you are developing country, especially one where they are extracting high amounts of your resources.

But back to the drawing, basically just draw a giant “x” over all except the last two options and you will know what your options are.


“Damned if you do, dust if you don’t”-Me, on travel options to and from the Adamawa. (Unless, of course, you have the money to fly.)


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